If only I would have bought that “first edition”!

The first ever...

Gardener’s Stone

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or text 2one5 350 4one55

This is the first ever Gardener’s Stone, an informational artwork by Wyndmoor artist Jack Bellis. It is a veritable Farmer’s Almanac® of the local growing climate, cast in stone. Add it to your garden to inform, delight, and inspire.

Place it anywhere in your garden, in a planting bed or even under occasional foot traffic, with the North/South compass rose facing South. The three arcs symbolize the Sun’s angle in the seasons, with key facts: sunrise and set times, first and last frost, and peak foliage time. Other information includes days of sunlight, inches of rain, the USDA plant hardiness zone, and inspirational quotes.

The material is a high-performance concrete that is durable in wet environments and can be sprayed with clear lacquer to refresh the surface.

Each casting is numbered and the colors vary. We hope you’ll regard the minor imperfections in each casting as an indication of its hand-made nature. Since this is the first edition, you are getting an opportunity to acquire an original, one that might never occur again. And there’s a slight ‘mistake,’ or rather, artistic license, in one element of the artwork. Can you find it?

First Edition Wording, 2023

Physical Information

November 6, 2023